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Name:Dotjun An Fhaedha Mac Tadgh (Dorjan)
Birthdate:Mar 2
Dorjan is from a currently-unfinished novel I'm writing set in Iron-age Ireland. he's a former Roman Officer who worshiped Mars and was a general asshole before being cursed by a captured Aos Si while he was trying to invade and conquer the green aisle for his Emperor.

The nature of his curse was to turn him into a Faoladh - an Irish Werewolf that can turn back and forth whenever it wants - and to "bless" him with an actual ability to feel empathy for others. Thinking the Fae who cursed him was a messenger from Mars, he has since set about trying to redeem himself in the eyes of his god. He's learned to be much less of an asshole and over the years has learned to accept his fate. It's not so bad, after all. He met a lovely Irish lass who danced the dance of her people for him and now he's been downright domesticated. He's still got a bit of a temper on him, however, and is exceedingly protective of his wife, the villagers he co-habitates with, and any random travelers who get lost in the woods. He can talk to wolves in both his human and wolf forms and doesn't age or get sick like a mortal would, though he can be killed by way of excessive damage in battle, so while he's a hardy little thing, he's not completely immortal.
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